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Everyone here talks about how much better behaved their puppy is getting to be when around 8 months old, when mine is the DEVIL. In some ways my golden retriever puppy is starting to mature and turn into a good dog, I see glimpses of it sometimes, but in other ways he’s a nightmare. He gets walks every day, we play fetch with him, etc. NO AMOUNT OF PLAY TIME SEEMS TO BE ENOUGH FOR HIM! We are tired of the chewing stuff up, the jumping and biting, the stealing our stuff and chewing it up, and other constant attention seeking behaviors. We have used positive reinforcement and treats, and ignoring these behaviors to train, redirecting to toys, it’s exhausting. When does this end? Does it end? I just want to be able to take him for his walk and to play fetch and that’s good enough for the day. I want to come home without the couch being torn up. (Yes we use multiple interactive toys he figures them out very fast and moves on to other things.)

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