I’m having trouble making my 1 year old pup and my roommate get along. Can anyone advise?

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I adopted my pup at the beginning of January. She was completely untrained, I had to start taming her immediately. But she's smart and really food motivated, so its been going well. She's almost learned to stop jumping on people, we're working on not flipping out when people come over. She's even pretty good with my friends 4 year old kid now.

The dog gets along with everyone except my roommate. She gives him hell. She isn't biting at all, she just barks at him incessantly. She sneaks to his bedroom door, then barks at him until he jumps up, chases her outside, and slams the patio door. I think she thinks its their game, while my roommate is legitimately upset and not playing. But I can't get the guy to listen to me when I tell him to ignore her!

I am working with her to get that behavior to stop. I intervene whenever I hear her starting up. She gets 2 minutes alone in the bathroom whenever she messes with roommate. She ends up in there at least once a day. Though after that she's content to leave him alone.

I think I've a roommate issue more than a dog issue. Everyone else ignores her when she gets rambunctious and she will mellow out fast. But since I'm apparently not allowed to train people I have to figure out how to train the behavior out of my dog and I'm sort of lost. Help, please?

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