I’m exhausted, buddy!

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My new pup, Sammy, wakes up around 2-3 am to go potty roughly every other night. Not a big deal, he’s only 14 weeks old so I didn’t expect him to sleep through the night as well as he does honestly. He’s really great when we put him in his crate with the exception of his 3 am potty break. The problem is when he wakes up and I let him do his business, he will not go back to sleep. I have a feeling it’s because he’s just not tired anymore and he wants to play, but it’s not feasible for me to get up and ware him out from 2am-4am when he’s tired again and I don’t want to make 3 am playtime a habit. We usually put him to bed around 11 so I don’t think he’s sleeping so much that he shouldn’t still be able to get some rest. Any advice on what to do?

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