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… according to my roommate. She’s had dogs for all her life, my dog is my second and she’s constantly reminding me I need to let my dog know who’s boss.

When I was younger I really wanted to have a horse. I read up on keeping and training, and everything I read was about earning trust and mutual respect. Why wouldn’t that work with dogs, or any other social animal?

Since my dog was a puppy, I always worked to earn her trust. When we would play, if she had to pause for a sneeze or a scratch I would politely wait till she was finished to resume. I never went over the line with play, challenging her but also letting her win. If she was laying on me in a snuggle, (she’s a Chihuahua) I would always say, “let’s get up,” if I had to get up so if I shifted position she wouldn’t be jumpy. Whenever I hold her close, she’s always totally relaxed because if she needs to jump up, she knows she won’t be held back for even a second.

When she cries or barks, I always, always go see what she’s trying to tell me. Dogs and humans co-evolved for 30,000 years (or so I have been told) and they are just doing the jobs we have asked them to do for millennia, letting us know when there are changes in the environment. The least I can do is get up off my butt and acknowledge her work. If there’s no threat, and thankfully there never is ( for now) I tell her “it’s okay, there’s no danger,” and she stops. Yeah, she really stops. My roommate shrieks “SHADDAP” at the top of her lungs and you guessed it, it does nothing.

We have four dogs between her, her husband and me. The dogs all come running to greet me in the morning and want to snuggle with me on the couch. She doesn’t see it though. She still keeps telling me I’m doing this all wrong, lol.

TL;DR: Roommate still believes in dominance training, I use trust and respect and she can’t see the difference when it plays out right in front of her.

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