I’m dog sitting and the dog keeps beating my up

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The dog is 8 months and I’m supposed to be watching her until Tuesday but its the end of day 1 and I’m feeling totally defeated. I cannot get her to stop biting me and jumping on every party of my body. I’m a chronically ill person with a medical device on my arm that I’m afraid she’s going to rip out and I’m going to be completely covered head to toe in bruises and scratches. I haven’t been able to get her to calm down for even a second and I the only break I get from her beating me up trying to play is when she has a toy but she only has a few toys (basic nylabone stuff) but none of them provide much enrichment for her to want to chew on those more than me. I feel so defeated and don’t know what to do because everything I have tried hasn’t helped in fact the whole yelping thing seems to have made it worse. I need help ASAP.

She’s had several walks today already and the owners want her to sleep in bed with me instead of the crate.

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