I’m confused and so it my puppy… help!

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I've recently got a beautiful Rottweiler puppy and I actually was really prepared before introducing her to the family by researching, reading and watching video tutorials on how to handle a puppy. However, I've kept getting mixed tips when it comes to biting. One school of thought says I need to redirect my puppy away from biting and passively discourage her to bite by not making it fun when she does bite. The other school swears on "correcting" the behavior; as in yell at the puppy, grab her from the back, using a bunker??

So far I've been using the first method but it's ineffective. The dog's actually hurting my wife and cannot stop biting making the whole experience with the dog frustrating and unpleasant. I'm strongly consider to adapt the other method of correcting the bad behavior; I do not want my puppy to grow into a biting beast in a few months.

Help? 🙁

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