I’m confused about training/reinforcing emotions? Re: Fear vs. settle

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Here`s another great article:

Okay, so I've tried looking this up but I'm not really sure how to phrase it and I'm wondering if maybe one of you can explain it to me better.

So treating/petting/soothing words are supposedly not reinforcing fear. They say you can't reinforce fear because you can't reinforce an emotion, the example I saw was if your friend was scared of elevators and you gave them a hug and tea afterwards it wouldn't make them more afraid of elevators. That makes sense.

Then there's training for settle, which to me seems like I'm trying to reinforce a calm mindset rather than just a position, settle being different than lie down. A method I've seen for training this is to drop a treat down calmly while they're in a settled state of mind/body. This makes sense, but it seems like reinforcing the emotion/state of mind, rather than a behavior.

So am I totally missing something? Can you reinforce an emotion or not?

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