I’m concerned with my dog’s temperament.

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So my dog is 3 and a half years old. She's an Australian Shepherd/Sheltie mix. She's also blind in one eye due to Collie Eye anomaly and is deaf/hard of hearing.

I've had her since she's a puppy and she's bonded with me. She normally in the mornings when I'm sleeping in sleeps with me. At night she sleeps in her crate next to my bed. We have a cat who she is absolutely fine with. The reason for this post is this morning I was sleeping in and my mom went to wake me and lightly tapped my shoulder. My dog instantly jumped up, started growling and bared her teeth at my mom as if she was going to lunge and bite her. Now my dog saw my mom approaching her out of her good eye. You can wake by my bed no issue, if shes familiar with you, but when you go to touch me it seems to be an issue?

What types of training can I use to try and break this behavior? I really don't want her to lunge or bite someone in the future if they approach me while I'm in my bed, especially my significant other. My mother is also active in my dogs life such as walking her, playing with her, feeding her and giving her treats.

Thank you so much for your time! Also sorry for any typos. I'm on my phone.

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