I’m Coming To Ya’ll On My Knees For Help

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I love my lab/border collie to death. He's 7 years old and loves people. Unfortunately, he is not a fan of dogs. Me and my partner have worked really hard trying to modify his behavior to at least ignore other dogs when he is in close proximity.

He keeps relapsing in training. We get him to a good place where he is staying calm within 10 feet of other dogs but the second they look at him he freaks out. We went to a trainer who we loved but unfortunately had to stop going due to the cost since we are saving up for a wedding.

We know he will never be a social dog and will be able to play with others, but we just want him to at least ignore other dogs when in close proximity. We are willing to start from scratch again to try and conquer this issue he has.

In the past he has been okay when he is sniffing the dog but the second they turn to his face he goes into attack mode. Please. We have tried so many avenues and just want to help our pup be less stressed in his daily life.

Are there any YouTube series, online PDF's or sites with a detailed behavior modification plan for his aggression? We are coming to ya'll for some much needed help and it is greatly appreciated.

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