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I have a 3 year old heeler who was not potty trained when i got him at 1, ive always struggled to potty train him because he is also shy about it, but about a month and a half ago we moved into a house with a doggy door. He had a few accidents the first couple days their but quickly started going outside on his own. fast forward a few weeks later and he has pooped in the house everyday for the past week. usually in the middle of the night while im sleeping or early in the morning. I hold the poop up to him tell him no and then walk him outside and show him where the poop goes and then usually leave him outside unattended for and hour or so. i did the same thing this morning but not 10 minutes after i let him in he poops in the house again! honestly i dont know what to do and im at a loss please help

edit: i think when i get mad at him for pooping inside he thinks im mad at him for pooping in general so it makes him question what exactly to do

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