If you’re having trouble with your crate, try moving it

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Okay let me give you guys some context about my apartment. It’s narrow, living area up front and then our “hallway” back is our kitchen, leading to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

We decided the crate needed to go in the living area because we don’t want our dog in our bedroom (I have drawers under my bed which he could get stuck under and hurt himself) and the back bedroom/office is very cold.

So the living area is some bay windows up front, which is where we had his crate originally (opposite the couch basically). And he HATED IT. He’d refuse to go in it.. if I tried bribing him with treats, he’d sit with his back feet outside so we couldn’t close the door. If we tried to force naps in there he’d cry and cry and wouldn’t settle down to sleep (he’d sometimes be quiet for 15-30 minutes, but I could hear him rustling around).

Yesterday I moved his crate to the little nook area we have between our living room and kitchen, so it’s now backed into a corner. And he loves it! He goes in by himself now and was even sleeping in there last night.

I know dogs are den animals so I feel like the corner is just cozier and makes the crate seem more like his little area. I honestly didn’t think it could make such a difference moving the crate 20 feet in the same room, but it seemed like to was going to be impossible to conquer crate training and now I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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