If you feel like your failing, just compare yourself to me!

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I’ve been seriously loving my time with my four month old blue heeler lately. His recall has been on point, as has been his leave it command. We’ve been training consistently every day.

So! I decided to give him a bit of freedom. We live in a pretty remote area and there’s a lake with some off leash trails around us. I decided to let him explore a little bit as he knows his “go play” command. Well I let him go play (keeping an eye on him of course) and he found a fish carcass on the shore and dashed away from me. Downed the whole thing in twenty seconds flat after a game of cat and mouse and completely tuning out the leave it command. There is definitely a difference between training and real life scenarios. Called the vet immediately and they said the bones are usually relative friable and combined with the strong stomach acid, this usually ends up okay. They didn’t recommend induced vomiting out of worry that it will lacerate something on the way up. She said to feed him a big meal and watch his stools closely. He is doing just fine.

Then, today we are playing kick fetch out on the property. I go to kick, his face connects with my foot. He yelped a little bit (man, dog yelps are the saddest noise ever) but kept on playing. I checked for neuro symptoms and any fractures, and there seemed to be none. We get inside 20 minutes later and I check in his mouth. He has a chipped canine tooth, no bloody gums or exposed roots. We’re off to the vet tomorrow at 8am unless any ominous signs pop up until then. We will see what they have to say. Obviously I feel like an absolutely terrible human – this one really stung, and made me so sad.

A call to the vet can relieve a lot of worry. So grateful to have a good one.

So, if you feel like your failing, go ahead and let my story reassure you. 🙂 Please no backlash! I understand my shortcomings. It’s just been a stressful couple of days.

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