Ideas for nail proofing a crate?

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Hey all I need a little help from the community!

Sort of long!

Backsory: I adopted a dog a couple years ago she is a golden retriever mix, 3 years old this week, love her to death. We rescued her from an unknown background, they said she was found wandering the streets and that's all they knew.

She was easily house trained within a couple weeks. Same goes for basic obedience commands(sit, stay, down, paw etc.) she's very laid back and lazy, even when we walk she will decide to lay down randomly cuz shes decided she's too tired to continue. Very affectionate and loving.

My one problem I can't solve is her and confinement. And by that I mean her crate or being secluded within a room with a closed door or outside in a fenced yard. She loses her mind. Tearing up carpet, scratching paint off the doors, digging holes in the yard. In the crate she will dig in the corner of it relentlessly(it's an enclosed, plastic bottom crate) she digs so much repeatedly that she tears her nails up/off to the quick sometimes. Always accompanied with barking and drooling or licking the crate door.

We used to use a wire crate until one day she ripped it apart so much she was one bleeding around her nose and had broken it enough to get her head out partially. She's lucky she didn't puncture her neck because of how she had bent and broken the wires they were pressed up against her and if she tried jerking backwards it would have probably pierced or scraped her skin.

We have tried leaving her out but she gets destructive with the couch mainly :/ my fiancé won't allow her out if she's going to chew on our new couch.(she destroyed our previous two).

I've tried crate training her for close to a year now with no improvement. Its not my first time crate training either. My other dog never had issues when I was training him in the crate. We've just recently started from square one with her for crate training.

I try to take her with me to work when possible so she's not in the crate everyday. I'd actually say shes in the crate 5 full days each month. Other than that her crate times are usually when we go out to eat or to the gym. Both of those only lasting 1 to 2 hours.

As for my question : is there anyway to do something about her nails/digging? I hate that she sometimes hurts herself while in there. I'd like to find a way to either cover the crate floor with something that won't hurt her nails as much or maybe doggy boots while we are trying to train her. Looking for suggestions and tips!

Please and thank you for your help!

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