I will likely never rescue again

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I got a nearly 3mth old rescue puppy (mixed-aussie shepherd, german shepherd, and lab) a couple months ago. She is a sweet puppy and I love her to pieces.


I am very angry about the way the rescue org has handled the adoption. It was a "small" rescue outside the suburbs. They posted the litter on Petfinder, and I responded (after feeling dejected from not being able to adopt any of the dozens of dogs I applied for). The next day, I met them at a midpoint (parking lot) and met the puppy. I let them know I really want a sweet dog, and I can't tolerate excessive barking and biting. Other things, I can work on. The woman assured me that she had never heard the litter bark or experienced biting. She told me she wants to be contacted first if the puppy doesn't work out. The adoption fee was $380. They only got her first booster done and gave me about 3lbs of food.

She emailed me a pet insurance policy that she was to pay for annually (as per the declarations page). The insurance was sucky, but whatever- something better than nothing. I just found out from the insurer that she cancelled it within the first month and never paid the rest of the premiums. I never even was able to access the policy because it was in her name. So IDK what I paid nearly $400 towards. All the shelters around here cover the boosters, shots, and spay/neuter. Their adoption fee is less than $150. They even help with any behavioral/emergency vet problems for a new adoption.

Moreover, the second day I had the dog…. she started incessantly barking and biting. There is no way she hadn't done that before. Of course, I was attached and couldn't send her back. I still wouldn't. But what a SHITTY way to dump high energy puppies onto unsuspecting adopters. Just be honest and find them a good home. I am dealing and training her now, but its definitely A LOT. She is super high energy.

I'm just disappointed that they did not disclose temperament and show any value for fee I paid. I almost wonder if I bought a dog instead. Just poor practice.

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