i want to make sure i’m raising my very young puppy right

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recently my family has gotten a 6 week old female black lab. she is a rescue, her previous owners had tried to drown her but luckily we managed to get a hold of her. i tried posting about this over on r/dogtraining but got downvoted to hell and removed because she’s too young to be separated from her litter (even though i stated multiple times that she’s a rescue and would be dead if we didn’t have her at this age). anyway, because she is so young i want to make sure i’m teaching her how to do things correctly. so far we’ve had her for almost two weeks and she’s been doing amazing. we’re currently bell training her and making sure she’s going out every 1-2hrs, however even if she pees multiple times outside, after about 10 mins she will pee on the floor. it’s only on the hardwood floor and occasionally someone’s bed. is there any way for me to teach her not to go on those areas as she gets older? we’re also having a problem with her launching herself at peoples faces and biting them until they bleed. i figure it’s just because she’s so young and needs to grow out of it, but we still make sure to say “no” or “ouch” every time and pull her away and give her a toy instead. am i going about that the right way or is there any alternatives that might help? i know nothing is going to happen overnight/quickly because she’s so little still, but i just want to work on these things while she’s young and won’t make a habit out of it. thank you!

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