I took my puppy to the park today…

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…and I was feeling really proud of all the work we’ve done with his off leash recall. All was well until we leashed back up and were about to get in the car. That’s when we passed this puppy that looked a lot like mine (mine is a springer spaniel and the other puppy was a gordon setter around the same age and size – basically looked like an all black carbon copy of my puppy). We stoped to let our dogs greet each other and the owner was very sweet.

BUT LET ME TELL YOU. My puppy was practically choking himself at the end of his leash. His was standing calmly. My puppy was so excited to play that he was hopping around, barking, play bowing and being a little black and white tornado at the end of the leash. His was, again, so impossibly calm. The other puppy’s owner dropped something on the ground, and his puppy LEFT IT ALONE. Mine would have snapped it up in a second. Both dogs were friendly toward each other and we parted ways shortly thereafter, but WHAT BLACK MAGIC DID THIS MAN USE ON HIS PUPPY? Our puppies were literally the same age and it was like night and day. His puppy was an angel, and mine was literally a goofy, neurotic MESS.

Again, the guy didn’t do anything to make me feel judged, but I still can’t decide if the encounter was hilarious or just a horrible reflection on my failures at training my dog.😫

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