I think we fucked up.

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Out lab puppy is 17 weeks old now. She is very smart and not very afraid of anything. This is amazing when it comes to socializing.

Three weeks before I posted something about her jumping at us and biting. We thought she wanted to play with us. So we ignored this behavior for the most parts. For a couple of days this worked pretty good. But we were sooooo wrong.

Last monday my mum and dad had to watch her for two hours. I instructed them what to do if she does that, long story short… I have to buy my mum some new pants and a new handbag (I told her not to wear anything she likes). Since then the puppy's behavior only amplified.

It's not a demand to play. It's a way of telling us where to go and where not to go. She tries to manage us in our path. She will stand right in front of our feet blocking our path and if we continue she will lunge at us. She will bite her leash. Or us. Usually it happens when we are on our way home as if she is telling us that she is not in the mood for going home or if we leave a fun place.

Since we know that this is what she is trying to tell us we are seeing everything so different.

She was never allowed on the couch. But she will guard it like hell.

She puts her paw on our feet and hand if we stand or sit somewhere.

She will try to jump on the table and when I come and say "down" she will start trying to bite me. If she sits down she stares at me and starts to growl and sometimes jumps and bites.

We don't have her fully leash trained yet. She will walk in front of us the whole time if she could.

If we don't watch out she will try to enter a room before us.

It all makes so much more sense now. And as there are so many different small problems, I am afraid we fucked it totally up. We try to re-establish our positions one step at a time. But it's so hard. Especially as I don't feel like I know what to do.

What do I do if she stares at me? If I try to stare back she will growl, jump and bite. I can't look away either?

As for the couch: we will haver her on leash from now on at home. Whenever she jumps up I can pull her away from the couch while saying "down" and guide her to her spot on the floor. When I'm sitting on the couch I will block her way and guide her to her spot. Does this sound good? The leash is being put on because she will try to bite me as I try to do that.

When she puts her paw or head on our feet we will move to the side or away.

Before each and every room we will have her sitting and waiting and call her after we entered the room.

And about the jumping and biting outside… I don't know. We will continue to walk our way even if she is right in front of us. Right now I'm wearing knee pads because I just feel safer like that. She will rip our clothes apart. We can't pick her up because she will just try to bite us. If we ignore her and stand still while not looking at her she will get what she wants, won't she? So we need to walk and we'll praise her as soon as she stops biting us and just follows. But sometimes this shit hurts…

We wrote an email to a professional trainer because there might be so much other things she is doing that we might not even be aware of, but it may be some time until the trainer comes by. So we would love any advice until then.

I feel like we made so many mistakes that it's going to be hard to go back to normal…. I'm just devasted. I don't want to fight with her all day long about who owns the couch, who decides where to go on our walks or who is allowed to walk in front….

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