I think my puppy is scared to poop in front of me

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And, it's my fault. =(

I have had a 3 month old lab(ish)rescue lab for about a week. He has picked up pee training very fast. I walk him about every hour celebrating every potty. We had several poop accidents and I get frustrated. I never hit him but in frustration, I have a raised voice. Now we go out and 10 – 15 minutes after the walk he poops. He goes where I can't see him. It just hit me that I may have made him afraid to poop in front of me and I don't have a yard to let him do his business in peace.

I'm afraid I broke my dog.

I read on line (so you know it has to be right) that you can take him straight from the kennel to the yard so he can potty but, if he doesn't poop, you put him back in the kennel. well, he hasn't pooped since early this AM. I went to the store and I bought one of the leads that you can screw in the ground in the hopes that with out me 4ft away he might feel less scared to poop outside.

I have an appointment for training (mostly for the human 1/2) next week but that is a long time to wait to poop.

Any suggestions for a bad human to help his dog?

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