I think my husky is too fat

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sourced from: https://www.reddit.com/r/puppy101/comments/d3vvq0/i_think_my_husky_is_too_fat/

Here`s another great article:

8mo female neutered husky, weighs 30kilos and her height is 64cm. So she is bigger than regular huskies, which makes it harder to determine what her weight should be.

We are pretty sure she's too fat because we don't feel her ribs at all, but she doesn't really look fat. I found this picture if you scroll down on here: https://www.petprotect.co.uk/blog/obesity-in-dogs/ and she's between ideal and fat. Considering female huskies should be below 23kg I would expect her to look obese now…

Anyway, we're pretty sure we need to feed her less but just have to find out the magic number. What do you think? And any tips for putting my dog on a diet? When do we know when to stop?

Edit: I can't make any clear photos of her physique because she never really stands still, she's always running or laying down.

Second edit: My usual vet doesn't have much experience with huskies, and I don't know any that do for sure

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