I think my dog is becoming territorial and a dickbag.

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Just to get this out of the way. My dog just turned 1 and is a smooth collie/aussie shepherd mix.

I noticed this when we took her to the dog beach awhile back. When a dog comes to say hi to me and my s.o. My pupper "cindy" would become pushy, literally tackling these dogs out of the way. Not aggressively or biting, but rough. At first we thought oh shes jealous, so we tried to show her that there was nothing to be jealous about. She also has days when she can play with other dogs and relax. She just has a habit of playing really rough and some other dogs dont like it.

Another time when we went to the dog beach, we try to get her to become more social around other dogs. But of course Cindy is a dickbag. She likes to be pushy with smaller dogs and is a giant pussy with bigger dogs/same size as her. This is a behavior we are also trying to correct, ugh this one instant she became super rough with another persons dog and the dog owner had to come save her. I felt terrible and apologized. Thankfully the owner was understanding. But i took cindy home.

I started to notice that cindy would bark if she saw a strangers. The bark is more like a small bark and walk away. Nothing serious. She has a habit of barking at my neighbor, but the moment we hear even a peep from cindy we call her in and put her in the crate for time out (shes really good about coming in when called). The most recent time we took her running/walking and she would start low barking at strangers. Not all strangers just some. We would call CINDY to turn her attention to us and continue running.

This time, we went to the dog park today, and she kept low barking at people and their dogs near us. We tried to use the sit laydown method and reward her treat when she listened. Sometimes she would lay down and sometimes she wouldnt so we would force the position and give a time out. This time a dog sorta came during this time out time and cindy got up to engage. This time she knew her place (big dog = pussy cindy).the owner came over realising we were diciplining cindy to try and retrieve her dog. the moment my dog saw her she just started barking up a storm and did a back and forth motion. This stopped the person in their tracks and made me and s.o put her immediatly in the sit stance and block her view. I think we may be her trigger since we see it more often when we are physically there or close in proximity (our kitchen is literally close to the backyard). But If we're upstairs and shes downstairs shes chill.

Im super embarrassed because my dog is really sweet and a ham when she gets to know a person. I just dont know if this is developing into something really serious. We have a cat that shes cool with, even if the cat dispises her. Despite this, they can be in the same room. She has never snapped at a person and I dont want her to do that. I feel like she learned this behavior from the dogs on the other side of me. They're always barking and are really agressive towards me and my s.o when we hang out in our backyard. That situation sucks because i know my neighbors do not socialize their dogs. Which is a big headache on its own. -_-. These dogs also made the same aggressive barky stance at me. Thats why i was able to recognize it when cindy did the same thing. Also, I will admit that me and my s.o have been lacking on training because of uni but were now taking this more seriously. So we reinforce training methods of sit stay and wait. We think that cindy may have sensory overload so we are trying to normalize walking with others again before we take her back to the dog park. We like it there since it give her a space to run freely and play fetch. Also we make sure we go during times its not busy as to not give her a sensory overload.

I am looking for tips on whats worked for you and what doesnt. i have tried to look online but there is so much information and a lot can contradict eachother depending on the trainer. -_- i just dont want her to bark at people and becoming territorial. And sorry if this is so long I wanted to give a few examples of the behavior she displays. I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

*edit for grammar, which will probably be ongoing. Lol

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