I think my dog has ptsd after our house was burglarized. How can I help him?

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I was diagnosed with ptsd after the Iraq War. My dog is my best friend and I know a troubled person when I see one. House was robbed about 2 years ago, my kid and I were at the store. Paka was locked in the house as usual when we leave. Found him outside and the house cleaned out when we got home. He's a 50lbs pitbull/lab mix, I have no idea how they got him outside but Ive always been afraid they kicked him or something.

Anyway he's been different ever since. Barks like crazy and or runs outside at the slightest sound, like opening a drawer or putting a dish on the counter. It's constant, he's so stressed out all the time. I am basically the same way, sudden loud noises really get to me, even when he barks suddenly.

I haven't had much success with counseling or therapy myself, I don't know how how to help him. But I know he was affected by this, he's my only friend and I just feel awful for him. He's a good boy, not aggressive, still playful with the family, but does not trust strangers at all and so hypersensitive to everything.

Thank you

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