I saw a guy hit a dog, he wasn’t the owner

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So, my 8 month old puppy Toffee was playing with a bunch of dogs, one of them is a golden retriever called Daphne, one of her besties.

Daphne is still a puppy as well, so sometimes she jumps to greet people. Well, today she jumped on another owner, who, instead of correcting her, proceeds to slap her on the head saying “Get the f*** out!” and the dog whines. We were a group of people and that created an awkward situation. I was about to confront him but, as it wasn’t my dog and Daphne’s owner was there, so I take my dog and leave.

A bit later I was approached by Daphne’s owner and I told him what happened. He told me that he didn’t see it and now I feel bad for not saying anything right away…

But seriously, what is wrong with people? How dare he hit a dog like that?

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