I ruined my 11 week old pup

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11 Week old, Lab/Doberman mix, Female, been in home 3 weeks.

I've had my 11 week old for 3 weeks now and things were going good for the most part. she was picking up basics and was chewing fairly mildy.

July 4th weekend cam and we had some family as well as their adult eskimo dog. We went on a boat outing and left our pup in the bathroom with her kennel for about 5 hours. Im sure it wasn't the best but its behind us now.

Now she will cry and cry when putting her down for enforced naps and eventually fall asleep. Will not calm down at all when playing with a toy and just starts biting my arms, hand, ankle, clothing, calves. I cant even play with her without getting mauled.

My 2 year old daughter cant be around our pup because she just jumps and tackles her and scares her and makes her cry. rugs are being chewed up. All I am basically doing all times shes awake is damage control. I can't find any toys that she stays interested in for longer than 5 minutes including chews and bullys. She loses interest in Kongs and treat toys of the likes after a few minutes even when she is getting small treats out.

I am so overwhelmed that i cannot enjoy anything of this puppy's waking life. I am pissed all the time and am just stopping her with tons of frustration that I am sure is transferring over somehow. I've made the biggest mistake and now im due to go back to work in 3 weeks and fear that my wife will not be able to handle her.

I was so ready to take her on and happy with the progress and now it's a complete 180 and i hate this thing.

I can't even put on a brave face anymore because I feel I have lost all hope.

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