I regret buying my puppy

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So i am probably going to sound like an absolute piece of shit but here goes.

So for the last year or so me and my partner have been looking for a puppy as a family dog, i have owned dogs all my life and this is my partners first.

So last Thursday we finally found an 8 week border collie and brought her home, the problem is since we done that i really regret buying her. She is super nervous around my 2 year old and as soon as he starts playing (on his own) she tries nipping him and if he picks up the dogs ball to throw for her she will start growling, chasing and trying to nip him. She doesnt like to be fussed or petted, and she only really likes to play with the ball not so much us, she doesnt really look for human interaction.

I've spoken to my wife and she wants to give it more time for her to settle in but I just want to give her back because I just cant cope, I had a nervous breakdown yesterday because of it, i feel so guilty that I've bought her and just dont want her here, my partner really likes the dog and dispite her constantly trying to nip my son he really likes her too.

I just dont know what to do anymore, I feel so shit about wanting to give the dog back because I know it will break my wife and sons heart but I just cant get over my distrust in this dog and I dont want to wait a few weeks to find out i still don't trust it then we have to try and find her a new home….

This is melting my brain and I need some form of advice!!

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