I really need advice.

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I just got a puppy and love him for sure, and felt very prepared for bringing him home. But now, the more I think about it, I really feel like I should just return him to the breeder and return all of the puppy stuff I purchased. My family also loves him a lot but we all collectively feel this way.

I'm dealing with all of the regular "symptoms" of puppy blues, and he doesn't have any major behavioral issues (outside of normal puppy stuff) or anything significantly problematic. The biggest thing is that my puppy is also developing an overshot jaw, something my breeder informed me about but said he had "taken care of" medically. My fear about this is that I will not have the means to manage that if it doesn't fix itself.

I have a month to return him to the breeder to get a refund and am strongly considering it.

Is this a rash decision or selfish thing to return a puppy over? My heart hurts thinking about it, but I really need advice on what you'd do in this situation.

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