I potty trained my puppy with only positive reinforcement.

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Not sure if this is a brag or not.. but I got my puppy at 8 weeks. We are at 14 weeks. Between 3 bottles of sophresh, 2 bottles of white wine vinegar and over 50 accidents. Daily and nightly crate training.. We have succeeded. We never once punished our dog for having an accident indoors, rubbed his nose in it, or scolded him.

I know some people in this sub would believe this is no hard feat.. but we are first time puppy owners. As many times it’s smelt bad, Inconvenienced our day, we scrubbed, frowned, whatever.. we never once punished him.

We rewarded when he went outside. Praised. Used markers. Treats. Monitored. Cheered him on.

Now he gives us distinct signals when he has to go out. He makes a noise; goes to the back door, or is “whiney”.

he doesn’t have accidents indoors anymore. We trained him not to be fearful to go in front of us .. which we were told (he would go when we are away and would hide it in the house)

He doesn’t chew shoes or furniture. Puppy dens that exposed him only to what hes permitted to chew worked.

Just overall general training success.

https://imgur.com/gallery/hnJabN4 ^ there is otis

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