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I've had my puppy (Golden Retriever mix) for a little over 3 weeks now, he's 11 weeks old. I live alone, and I obviously still need to do groceries, so he's been alone a couple times already. I thought he did fine, I didn't hear him cry when I left or when I got back and he didn't destroy anything or went potty indoors so I was incredibly happy and proud. But one of the neighbours just told me that she heard him screaming sometimes. Now that could be because I put him in the hallway as a timeout a couple times (I don't have a crate to put him in) or when I took a shower with the door closed. Usually the bathroom door is open because the litterboxes are in there too, but I don't want him to get too attached and stick to my calves everywhere I go, so if he keeps following me I sometimes close the bathroom door when I go to the toilet or take a shower.

I can't take him everywhere I go. Now I'm sure my mom woulnd't mind dog-sitting him occasionally but she has two dogs, one of wich is a just 1 year old female that recently got spayed right after her first heat cycle, and she seems to treat him as her own pup. She lets him do anything to her. And he plays pretty… confidently (in the past people would have called it dominance, and I don't have a better word for it) even in puppy class he won't stop jumping on the other pups, standing over them, biting their ears and lips and even humping them. My course instructor has recommended me to limit him when he plays too rough, so bringing him to my mom doesn't seem like a good idea. Plus he won't stop playing there so he'll be way too overstimulated afterwards AND we usually get our groceries together.

So there's a couple points I would like to get some advice on, if the story makes any sense. *The constant following; Should I let him do that or try and get him to be more independent already. Is this gonna be a problem, considering I live alone? *The playing too rough; Anything to add on that, besides my instructor's advice on limiting him? *The being alone; Should I just continue leaving him occasionally? I try to not be away for more than two hours at the time, usually turn on the tv for some sound and give him a bone to chew on and a treat filled puzzle or kong. There's two cats here too so he's not entirely alone.

I honestly also still have so many doubts… Am I giving him too much excersise, or too little? Am I doing socialisation right? Did I do the right thing getting this puppy? I feel like I don't feel anything for him. But that might be just me. I have an anxiety disorder and it's like my medication just isn't working right now so my emotions are all over the place.

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