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I accidentally got two puppies, instead of the one i went for. I just couldn't help it. I have the time and finances to handle two. And I'm well aware of littermate syndrome. I have them crated seperately each has their own toys, own food bowl, eats seperately and I try to take them out seperately and train them seperately.

Lupa is really responsive to being on her own and doesnt seem to care but Sophie just will NOT HAVE IT. she will cry and wine and wont eat and will just sleep if I take her seperate from her sister.. they are only 9 weeks so I understand sophie may just need more work. But I'm feeling really discouraged and would like some Pro tips.

Optionally I'm hoping to keep them both. I love them and really think i can be successful I just need some pro-tips. I've already read so many articles with a lot of good information I'm just hoping there is some more life hacks out there.

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