I need help with my 2-month-old German Shepard.

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Hi everyone, My parents got my sister a dog. As the title says, it's a female 2-month-old German Shepard. On the first day of it being back, it was extremely quiet and calm, probably because it was in a new environment it wasn't used to. On the second day, it was more aggressive, with the dog trying to pull things from the table, looking through the trash, and trying to find stuff to eat everywhere. Yesterday, she became more hostile and extremely hyper, trying to people's ankles and hands, and climbing on top of things like the dinner and computer table. Today, she's hyper again, barking at people constantly, trying to bite people, running and jumping on top of things. What do I do? I'm not a dog expert, but I've read enough to deduce that it's normal puppy behaviour and we should ignore. How do we combat this? I told my parents that if we were to ever get a dog, a German Shepard shouldn't be the first option because we have no idea wtf we're doing. They got it, and now they're doing everything that can possibly be wrong like yelling at the dog. What are simple things we can do to stop this behaviour, or at least calm it? What are some tricks or things we can try to teach her, and how? Sorry if I'm not clear, but just ask me in the comments and I'll reply with details. Thanks everyone!

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