I need Help House-training Adopted 4 Year Old Husky. Constant Walks to No Avail. More details inside.

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Hey, thank you for reading this. I’m at my wits end. My husky, she won’t stop peeing inside a section of the house, despite walking her frequently. (Upwards of 5 times a day, 3 of the five being for half hour walks around the block, the remainders are followups). She doesn’t have a bladder infection, we checked. She was spayed at the shelter if that’s relevant. She’s a perfect girl in every sense except this one thing.

We recently got a roommate which is why I want to further find a solution for this urination problem. She’s been doing this before he moved in.

We have another dog that was here before she came home, but he’s never gone in the house and they’ve never been territorial with one another.

If anyone can offer any suggestions, please. I’m all ears. Thank you.

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