I miss my cats :(

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We rescued our puppy almost exactly a month ago, and while it’s been so fun and I love her to bits, I’m majorly feeling the puppy blues lately. The cats avoid her at all costs, and I don’t blame them as whenever she sees them, she crowds and tries to jump up to wherever they’re sitting. Last week she had an altercation with our more unhappy cat, and he swiped at her and caught her eye— cue 2 emergency vets, getting home at 1:30am the evening of the event, and spending the next few days completely out of our minds with worry. Not to mention $1.2k in bills. By now we’ve gotten into a schedule with her medicine and she’s on the mend. She’s in a cone and needs eye drops 4x a day, and I think I’ve never experienced a slower week. We can’t play with her or let her play with other dogs until she’s been cleared by the vet, so she’s obviously lonely and bored. When I’m stressed, I want to cuddle my cats, but I’m kind of mad at the one who hurt her, and the other one is just so especially freaked out by this clumsy cone-wearing puppy she won’t go anywhere near her or even be in the same room as her. My biggest fear in getting a dog was that the cats would be unhappy. That’s obviously true. I feel bad for all of us in this house, and while I know I have to stay patient, I feel like things will never settle down and we’ll constantly be corralling our dog to stay away from the cats and the cats will never leave their sanctuary room and I’ll never get to have cuddle time with all my babies together. 😔

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