I learned that my dog suffers from confinement anxiety – not separation. Do you train or condition that differently?

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I know you guys don't really like separation anxiety posts, but I was wondering if anybody could shed light on confinement anxiety?

So the good news is, I finally solved my dog's (what I thought was) separation anxiety. After doing all the right things with crate training, and hiring a behaviorist, we never had much luck with my poor dog's absolute meltdown with being in the crate. The tricky thing was that he absolutely loves his crate and often sleeps in there whenever he feels like it. The problem was when we shut the door.

So now we're able to give him free reign of the home and thankfully, he's relaxed, happy and doesn't tear anything up. This is fantastic because our ultimate goal was to leave him out of the crate, but you never know how they'll behave when you aren't home. He's apparently a very good boy! He even chooses to hang out and sleep in his crate all day long when we aren't home (I have a camera).

I was hoping some of you could give me advice on how to improve his confinement anxiety portion? It's great that we can trust him out of the crate but I know there may be times in the future when he needs to be in a kennel (say boarding or the vet, or who knows what.) Like I said, he actually loves spending time in his crate, so long as we don't shut the door. Is there any type of difference in training or deconditioning the confinement aspect?

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