I just got a shotgun and my dog is scared of it

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I’ve had my dog Lucy (1.5 years, spayed female) for about 8 months now. I’m not sure about what her life was like before I adopted her, but I do know she was taken from her previous home by Animal Services and then taken to the shelter I got her from. Today my boyfriend bought me a shotgun, and I wanted to get comfortable with it, loading it up with snap caps and pumping it. Lucy kept looking slightly alarmed and getting up and moving when she heard the noises it was making. While my boyfriend was handling it, Lucy hopped up on the bed next to me and leaned on me and I noticed she was panting and shaking. She didn’t relax until a few minutes after the gun was put away, so I’m fairly sure that was the reason for her stress.

Now I want to practice loading (snap caps!) and handling my new gun, but I don’t want to terrify Lucy with the sight or noise of the gun. How can I get my dog to get used to it, or at least not experience so much stress when I take it out?

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