i ignored my puppy to meet my needs.

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i feel so selfish after this. i've spent so much time and effort trying to keep her happy that for weeks i've neglected MYSELF. i hadn't eaten a proper meal in weeks. i slipped so much i almost ate her dog food. i hadn't rested properly in weeks. not because of the potty breaks, but because of the endless whining. night and day, for hours.

finally, i put my foot down and just said "hell n0o." no more "waiting on her beck and call." you can wait 5 minutes until ive eaten a single hot meal. until ive gone to the bathroom. you've peed. you've pooped. you walked and played for hours. puppy class. personal trainer. clothes. expensive ass food, supplements and toppers. TOYS. $100s of dollars in toys and chews.

i took almost everything away from her other than her necessities, a chew, and a couple mental stimulation toys. puppy doesn't get ANYTHING ELSE for a while. ..she finally behaved on a walk.

i had a meal and a shower, and now feel so guilty.

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