I have three Catahoulas.

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I have three dogs. My first, Harambe, is half Catahoula and and American Bulldog. They didn’t kept her on their farm as a worker because she was the runt and even full grown she is only 44 lbs wet. But she has the energy and mindset for a working dog. She is obsessive when it comes to hunting for lizards and she “polices” my cats. Herds them, makes sure they stay off counters, breaks up cat fights, etc. I had just her for a while and she learned a lot of tricks but she still needs to work on jumping, going on walks, and taking off after people/squirrels/lizards.

Drogon is a pure bred Catahoula. He’s ridiculous. I definitely went in over my head with this dog. He’s unruly, argues, is defiant, jumps, and has anxiety issues. He will stay in the yard if I tell him to stay when he’s on the property line but if I turn my back for 5 minutes he is gone. He is constantly being pushed around by my other boy who competes for my attention. I cannot walk him, he’s too strong and I can’t trust him when we run into children playing outside, neighborhood pets (cats and my neighbors have an outdoor rabbit that roams the neighborhood), or other dogs. Last time we tried a walk I was on the ground holding him by the chest while parents dragged their kids back inside. I don’t know if he would bite someone, but I’m afraid to find out.

Milo is the offspring of Harambe and Drogon (yes all dogs have been fixed after the whoopsie litter). I basically have no issues with this dog other than digging under the fence and competition for attention. He is calm, respectful, and sweet. He doesn’t bark unless he needs to and he is easy to walk on a leash. He’s the only one I can trust to not knock over my toddler lol. He doesn’t know a lot of tricks and he’s a runner (thank god for microchips). We are putting stuff around the perimeter of the fence to stop him from digging out but I don’t know how to get him to stop competing for attention. They all get plenty of love. If I pet Harambe, Milo doesn’t care (I think Harambe is my alpha dog) but if I try to pet Drogon, Milo is super jealous and pushes him out of the way. When they play, Drogon gets tackled and pinned and they go for his genitals. It doesn’t seem super aggressive but I do break it up because I don’t want to see Drogon be bullied or hurt. As unruly as he is, I love his strong personality and I love him to bits.

All dogs are in crates when unsupervised because they chew apart everything even if I buy them brand new toys. And they can’t have beds or the beds will get eaten (already brought Drogon in to the vet twice from eating things, once his bed and once an entire unopened box of raisinets.)

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure my dogs are happy and healthy, I just need a little help. I shouldn’t have gotten a second dog but I did and it led to all this. 3 dogs doesn’t have to be too much like it is right now. So do you have any advice? It is so hard to train them when they are all together.

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