I have probably spent collectively 6 hours making two separate snuffle mats for my 15 week old Corgi, as I read they are great mental stimulation. She has peed on both 😩

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Here`s another great article:

Snuffle mats aren't for my dog apparently. She's like, "Ooh thanks Mom! You brought the grass inside?! Awesome, I'll just pee right here then…" She's not pee pad trained or anything (so she's never learned going indoors is okay) and this was her only accident since she was like 12 or 13 weeks old. I'm assuming it kind of looks and feels like grass to her? Regardless, no more snuffle mats for Winry it seems! Thanks nature's miracle for having my back after my puppy peed on my hours of work. Sigh. Oh well, that's life with a puppy I guess!

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