I have been crating my dog when I go to work. When can I give him more freedom during the day? How can I tell if he’s ready?

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My dog is a ~2 year old jack russell/corgi mix rescue. I adopted him 6 weeks ago. He's had two accidents in that time. The first time, he marked a banister. I caught him in the act and he looked very ashamed of himself. The second time, he peed a tiny bit on the carpet (even though he had just been walked an hour before) but my husband swears his "accident" was the dog trying to tell us he needed to go outside because, as soon as we let him out, he had diarrhea. Other than that, no issues.

When someone is at home, he gets to freely roam the house. He pretty much stays within sight of us and will sometimes follow us from room to room if we leave. Otherwise, he's content laying in his doggy bed. He understands boundaries. He's not allowed in the pantry and he always stops just short of the door, even if I'm doing something very exciting in there (like preparing his food).

I've been crating him when I go to work and during bedtime. His crate is in my bedroom, which doesn't get a lot of natural light during the day. He strongly prefers to nap in the sun so I wanted to give him a little more freedom to do so.

Today, I tried to put him in the bathroom that's connected to my bedroom but he kept jumping the gate to get out. This is not normally a "boundary" zone so I know he was confused about why he was "confined" there, even though the room is much bigger than his crate. I don't want him in the bedroom in case he has a potty accident on the carpet.

Is it too soon to stop crating him or should I try again?

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