I have a very nervous adopted dog…

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So I adopted my dog about two years ago. Before me he was only ever in foster care since they found him in a trash can as a puppy. Ever since we’ve had him, his nerves have not gotten better. All we do is love him. No hitting/yelling or anything. Has anyone had experience with dogs like this and how you helped them to get over there nerves?

My main thing is that we’re trying to get him to be comfortable on his dog pillow. He’s scared of anything we try to get him to lay on. Once we go to bed, he immediately goes to the stairwell and just sits there the entire night while we sleep. I assume he does this all day while we’re away at work too. So how do I train him to lay on his pillow so he’s not so uncomfortable all the time??? It’s like he wants to be uncomfortable. I don’t get it.

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