I have a dog aggressive pit/lab mix and another dog is moving in upstairs in a 2 family house

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Hey guys, I'm hoping this is the appropriate sub for a question like this. If not, I apologize in advance.

I live on the bottom level of a 2 family home and just found out another dog is moving in with the new family who just rented the upstairs apartment.

Here's my concern. I have an anxious, dog aggressive pit/lab mix who gets extremely uncomfortable around other dogs to the point where I'm afraid to take him on walks because he is very leash reactive and goes nuts and lunges at the sight of any other dog, especially intact males (he's a neutered male). Luckily, I have backyard access so walking him isn't really necessary so I avoid it (I know this is a problem in itself).

My dog is 3 years old and is fine around people including my 10 month old baby, except he can jump up on new people out of excitement, but nothing aggressive. He used to be fine with other dogs (only off leash) at dog parks and was socialized from a young age. Somewhere around the age of 1-2 he just flipped and started mounting/attacking other dogs at the park and I've been told that he does this out of fear.

All I know at this point about the dog moving in upstairs is that it's a lab, not sure about age or sex yet. Regardless, I'm pretty much sure this is going to be problem. Whenever a dog passes by on the street, he senses it and starts whining/barking and pacing back and forth inside. The house I'm in has a shared corridor so this new lab will be passing by our front door multiple times a day.

Any advice from this community will be greatly appreciated. This is an unavoidable situation so I want to be prepared in whatever way is possible. Will we have to slowly introduce our dogs? After a couple incidents at the dog park in the past I've been very nervous about him interacting with other dogs out of fear that he'll attack them.

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