I gave in. We caved. Crate talk.

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First night, 7 1/2 week golden retriever was ok in the crate, next to our bed, treats and toys inside, towels on top. Taking him out in the middle of the night was a slight problem, but I think that was moreso me because I don't think he eliminated so I disturbed the situation.

Second night…fuck. lurred him into the crate with heavy treats. He wailed. Whined. Barked. Like…imagine an ear piercing yelp every 1 second. Literally. For 30 minutes. My wife couldn't do it. We have a 9 month old sleeping across the house in her bed. It just wasn't happening. We were stressing out. WHAT DO WE DO?! we said. I CANT let him out if he's crying..but there's no breaks of not crying in-between! We gave in…I let him out. He was shaking in my arms. He peed. And pooped (both outside). And we played with him. In the dark. With a flashlight outside. We put him on our bed, and after 2 minutes of crying and looking around in the bed, he passed out. I only got up twice last night while he was on the bed and it's because he was walking around on it so I took that as a hint.

So tonight will be day 3. And we aren't sure what to do. My wife doesn't want to put the puppy in the crate. She was against the "cry it out" method with the baby, and she's against this. Our puppy has no problem playing around the crate, or IN the crate. I threw a toy in there, he fetched it out, I wrestled and threw it back in. He comes back out, etc. Same with treats (trying to get him comfortable with it). So he manages that fine. It's night night time he doesn't handle it.

I'm not sure how to handle this from here on out. It's now the weekend, a holiday weekend, so we're going to be out (with the puppy) and visiting families sat and sun. So no time to day crate adjust him. We have 3 options here.

1) cry it out. Kill ourselves. And my wife telling me the dog has got to go.

2) let him sleep with us. He clearly wants us, misses us, and his litter was separated a little early, so he's shell shocked. Possibly adjust him to the crate at a later point.

3) the babies room is on the right side of the house. 50-100 feet the opposite way, is our bedroom. Where the crate is. My master plan was to use our spare pack and play (portable crib) and bring it into our bedroom and let our baby sleep in it in our room. Then move the crate to our spare bedroom (directly across from the baby room) and let him moan, whine, and cry all he wants until he gives up and have that be his doggy room. And then after he's well adjusted out his crate back into our room and the baby back in her room.

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