I feel like a mess today.

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I got my 8 week old last Saturday, and I love the hell out of him. Things have been going pretty smoothly, but he was due for shots and I noticed some odd behavior. Lots of scratching, self grooming, butt scooting and loss of appetite when he got home. Turns out he had a double ear infection, fleas, and a tapeworm problem. The bill was $300, and I’m a graduate student, so that one HURT. Plus I got really emotional to see him not feeling well and not eating. I mean really emotional.

I reached out to the breeder, who is usually only poodles but whose neighbor wanted to breed a litter of bichpoos/Poochons. He did this litter with his neighbor (who owned the mother and was therefore caring for the pups) and after I told him about the issues he said he wouldn’t be working with his neighbor again most likely. But the issues still raise some eyebrows for me, especially since you could smell the infection in his ears and see the tapeworm segments in his bedding. These were pretty obvious issues for anyone that has owned a dog. I also feel frustrated because I really wanted to rescue, but due to needing a hypoallergenic pup didn’t. I guess maybe I rescued in a way, but also feel some guilt for potentially supporting a breeder like the ones I suggest people avoid.

Today I was feeling a bit discouraged with behavior too. He has three phases as I described in a comment on another post: sleepy, angel hour, and demon hour. Demon hour happened a little more than usual today, probably due to his vaccines and generally not feeling well. He chomped the hell out of my hands several times today and didn’t even respond to my cries of pain… kept biting me when I would tell him to stop chewing things and pick him up to remove him when he wasn’t listening or taking a toy as redirection. It’s so frustrating because he knows his name, come, and sit, but when he gets ornery like this he doesn’t listen at all. But I also know he knows.

But yeah long story short, I feel like a bad dog mom/like I may have made a bad breeder choice, my bank account hurts, my arms are scratched to hell, and my fingers are bruised. Sorry for the shitty grammar and fragmented flow. I’m just so tired.

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