I feel awful.

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I dragged my puppy home today. I hate myself for it.

He's just 6 months and has started to protest the end of a walk/play time by sitting or lying down and just. Not. Moving. It's usually when we're within a few minutes from home and he usually puts his ears back or tucks his tail under which makes me feel like the most horrific person in the world – people must look at this cowering puppy, see me getting frustrated, put 2 and 2 together and come out with me being an abusive monster. That's how I feel anyway.

We got dropped off at a park to play ball. Great! He loves his ball and it's less of a distance to walk if we only have to walk back. We do the length of the field with the ball and because he's really panting I decide to ask him to wait, out the lead on and the ball away. He starts walking fine but towards the muddy puddles. I give him some water from a bottle but he lies down half in the puddle anyway and won't move.

I get him out the puddle and he lay down on the grass instead. Okay, I thought, I'll sit down too. Three times I tried getting him to move along. 40 minutes he just lay there. By this point, I was really frustrated and felt the panic setting in and I just started pulling him along, fighting back the tears the whole way. A few times I stopped and tried to carry him but he's heavy. I could have called for a lift but the world was closing in and I just needed to get home.

People will have seen what happened. I feel horrendous.

I'm now being told by my family to just get rid of him and I don't know what to do.

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