I don’t want to get rid of my new dog despite issues she’s causing. What can I do?

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I recently got a new dog, she’s an unaltered pit heller and while I’m not sure how old she’s under a year. Before I got her I made sure she was okay with my other dogs, and while there weren’t any problems during the meetings there are now that she’s moved in. She’s been having a bunch of spats with my unaltered male dog, Kenai, a pit lab mix that’s also under a year. When I got Kenai I made sure to socialize him well since I know there can be issues later on but I know my new girl hasn’t been socialized and this has lead to some issues. For instance, they’ll be playing and he will start to give clear signs that he’s done and she won’t let up and it eventually leads to a spat. I’ve been trying to distract them with loud noises and Kenai will stop and look at me but she won’t let up. I’ve tried teaching her back off but she won’t listen in the heat of the moment so I’ve tried wearing her out on her own but it keeps happening. I don’t think she’s a bad dog, she’s very sweet and a quick learner, but she just doesn’t know when to let up. I just don’t want it to get worse. She’s not like this with my third dog, an altered female Alaskan husky, who’s just a little larger than her, it’s only Kenai. For reference, all of my dogs are around 20-30lbs with my third dog being the largest at 28lbs and Kenai being the smallest. Since I know people are going to ask I have an appointment to get her spayed this Tuesday and him an appointment next month. Could that help the problem? Another detail that may be important is that my third dog is about six year old. Could age also play a factor?

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