I cannot pinpoint what the cause is

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So we have a 14 month border collie. He's been socialize with tens of thousands of people at huge events. He loves people and dogs. He's used as the interview dog at his daycare as he brings the playfulness out of other dogs and has never shown aggression.

But now 3 times in a years span has he barked at someone or growled at them. The first is a guy who walks around our area always high smelling like weed. Another was a friend of my wife's who may also smoke weed but unsure. The 3rd time happened tonight in public. A husband wife went to pet him, wife was fine. The husband came in to pet slowly he backed away then when the guy got too close he growled and started to bark. I grabbed him by the snout as we we're inside a doctor's office and the guy left.

My thought is, there HAS to be a clear reason, one probably not his fault he could be picking up on a drug smell or can sense bad intentions of a person? To be honest I trust his judgement in people, but he also doesn't know stranger danger. Thoughts?

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