I am such a bad puppy parent sometimes

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Hi everyone,

I just feel so disappointed with myself sometimes, especially related to potty-training.

Yesterday my puppy signaled for the first time that she had to go outside to pee. She ran to the front door, and clearly showed that she wanted to get out, but since she is a puppy and still young, she couldn't even hold it long enough for me to put on my shoes or anything and peed inside, but only a tiny puddle. No worries, I didn't reprimand her, I was very glad that she signaled, finally! I took her outside as fast as I could because I thought she had to finish but when we got outside, she started to get distracted by everything and didn't want to pee and just kept pulling to go see this and go sniff that, and I got really frustrated with her after like 5 minutes of standing at the same spot and begging her to pee (at 'her spot' where she always pees), so picked her up and took her inside. I wasn't forceful or anything, but she could clearly feel that I was angry/frustrated with her and I feel like I soured the whole "signaled" thing.

And today, I missed her ques again (sort of). My puppy got her third round of shots yesterday afternoon/evening and wasn't feeling that well today. Nothing serious, just a bit less lively than usual, and during our evening walk/potty break today, she was very thirsty and tried to drink from random puddles. I gave her water when we got home, and she drank a full bowl, and then some, so I knew I had to take her out again soon, but we sat down for dinner, and since we just came back in, I put her in her crate while we ate so I didn't have to keep one eye on her constantly while I was eating. After a while, she started whining, and I knew I should take her outside when she started, but my girlfriend and I both wanted to finish our dinner first. Of course, just as we were finishing the last few bites, she peed all over her bed and crate. 🙁 Of course, I didn't get mad at her, just at myself for not acting on the instinct that I had to take her out. ((then I got into a fight with my gf because she did get mad at the puppy and I sent her to bed basically, so she would not stress the dog out when she is literally a baby, who didn't feel well all day, and then was ignored when she wanted to get out to pee)).
((To be fair, we are working on ignoring her whining in the crate while we eat because she is constantly begging for our food while we eat, but in my heart (lol) I knew she had to pee, and that's why she was whining and I ignored it))

Why am I like this?? Sorry for the long ass vent, I just felt the need to confess 😀

Edit: here is some puppy tax of our resting little girl: https://imgur.com/a/qNnz4Wi

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