i am running out of patience

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Hello everyone,

I'm here because i'm truly exhausted. I'm seeking help,any tips. And before start i'm sorry if i make grammar mistakes since english is not my first language. Hope you will understand me.

I have a 1 year old doberman. Had him when he was less than 2 months old. I deeply care about my dogs, and i always make sure they are alright. (i have 2)
I teached him basic commands like sit down, wait, come & go. But i couldnt teach him not to jump on me, not to bite my hands and ankles no matter how hard i try. Nowadays i cant even take him on walks too long because of this behaviour. He is a big boy and has big healthy teeth. He is almost 99 pounds now, so you can imagine the pain i get even from when he trying to bite my ankles just playfully. Today i let him go to backyard so he can get his toilet break. and as soon as i opened the backyard door he attacked me aggresively. He tried to reach my ankles and my hands i tried to avoid him completly but this time he attacked me more aggresively, he didnt even hear me. (other times i could tell he was playful) He is smart enough to learn basic commands, but these things happened today left me no patience. He is also started to become more aggresive towards my other dog too so i had to make him stay in our balcony at nights ( other one is a pekingese, very small boy compering to him) I dont have any dog trainers in my city. How can i overcome this by myself? Where am i making mistakes? Also i didnt get him neutered, sometimes i think its because of his hormones and if i get him neutered it would fix him but i honestly dont have an idea anymore. I seriously thought about giving my dog away today and this is breaking my heart. I really need advice guys. thank you.

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