I am Millie the destroyer of worlds!

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So my precious little Australian labradoodle pup has hit 6 months old. All of a sudden she has WAY more energy, has discovered how to get things off of kitchen counters and tables, and to destroy everything in sight.

I am upping the amount of training we do obviously and getting a baby gate for the kitchen.

Until now she was really well behaved and I could let her roam around the apartment no problem while I did my own thing (as long as I took her for potty breaks). She would just play with her toys, nap, and come snuggle me.

Should I go back to having her on leash 24/7 like I did the first month home?

Any tips for how much exercise to give her? I am also in Seattle and it is freezing here so I can't stand being outside long unless it's in the middle of a sunny weekend. What do you recommend for exercise in an apartment?

Any advice appreciated.

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