I am having a hard time enjoying things because I am stressing about the puppy all the time

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We have a 14 (almost 15) week lab/golden puppy, I've descended into some weird obsession/anxiety where I'm not able to relax or enjoy anything because I'm constantly worrying about him. It's causing issues with my SO because I'm controlling with anything having to do with the dog when we're home (I recognize this, but also want to be doing the right things so it's hard for me not to let him know how/what to be doing) and I can't enjoy time out of the house cause I am constantly stressing about the puppy.

This is what happened tonight: SO wanted to go out to dinner, we also needed to hit the grocery store. I took the steps necessary to get him ready for crate time (walked, peed, fed). I gave him a kong with some peanut butter and we left. I couldn't enjoy dinner because I kept checking the camera to see how he was and kept checking my phone thinking about how long he had been in there. He's almost 15 weeks so he should be more than fine for 3 hours but I'm so stressed about him I never want to be away that long. SO then wanted to add another place to our errands and I was really reluctant because I didn't want him to stay in the crate so long. I check the camera at the end of dinner and he's awake screaming, then settles himself down (unfortunately still normal for us). This spikes my anxiety and I try to rush my SO through the extra stop. We get to grocery store and check the camera, puppy is having major meltdown again screaming for us. He settles after about 15 min. I try to rush SO through grocery store so we can get home to him. We got in a fight when we got home because I wanted to go immediately to the crate and let him out (he was whining lightly) and my SO wanted to wait and make him settle down before we let him out.

I feel like I'm out of control and triggered with puppy anxiety. I haven't felt like myself and neither have things felt like they've returned to normal with my SO since we got the pup.

Does anyone have advice or experience with something similar? HELP! I feel like I'm out of control.

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