I Am Getting Discouraged with Training, in Need of Help and Advice

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Hello, as the title says, I am getting discouraged with training my puppy. A little background, My wife and I adopted a pug 4 months ago. He is 6 months old. Our daily routine is; wake up at 0630, food/walk/bathroom and then playtime/training until 0730. He goes back into his crate while I go to work. I come home at 1130 for walk/bathroom/snack/training/playtime until 1230. Some days my wife is home from work and will have him out most of the day. When I get home at 1600, food/walk/bathroom/training/playtime. After this point, he is out and about most of the time until about 2200. On average, I would say I work on commands (sit, come) about 2 or 3 hours a day using treats and praise as reward. I have been doing this for 3 and a half months. When I have treats, he does pretty well. When I do not have treats, no response. Completely ignores me. I understand that pugs are stubborn and training takes time. I am starting to question if I am doing something wrong. I spend so much time working with him and the moment I do not have a reward, he just regresses back to ignoring me. He will just sit there and stare at me (which frustrates me because he usually follows me around religiously). It almost seems like he knows there is no treat and will not listen until I fork one over.

Second, potty training is getting to me. We are training him with the bell. I take him out regularly after meals and every 90 minutes or so, using the bell on the door each time. I give him a treat and praise him when get does his business outside. Even after all this, he still tries to go on the one piece of carpet we have (a rug in the living room). I tell him 'no' if i catch him in the act and ignore him if I miss him doing it inside and just clean it up. We keep him contained to the room we are currently in and it feels like we have to watch him like a hawk because if we look away for one second, he goes on the rug. I have read stories of people never getting their pugs house broken and this scares me. I don't want to have to crate the dog every time I have to go do something. I want him to be able to tell me or hold it when I walk away for a minute. I am trying my best to not show my frustration around my dog. I feel bad when I have to crate him every time I have to do some housework or go to the bathroom. I want him to be able to play and have fun and not sit in a crate when we are home but he just wont stop going on the carpet.

Any input would be appreciated. I'm sorry if this breaks a rule on this sub, I am new to it and read all of the rules. I love this damn dog and want him to be happy and for me to keep my sanity, so if it seems I am doing something wrong or have unrealistic expectations, please let me know.

Happy November 1st and good day.

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