I accidently broke my pug puppies foot and felt terrible.

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My 15 week old pug puppy Cindy and I were chasing each other around the house as we do. We do full laps of the house and we both have a lot of fun doing it. Last week, she changed direction and I had to jump over her, except she ran under me as I was landing and I ended up falling on her paw with my 86kg of weight breaking her foot. Luckily only one fracture, but I still feel incredibly bad and guilty.

The fact she was going past my partner to come to me afterwards made it sadder, because she knew it was an accident and forgave me..

The amount of guilt I felt every time I saw her for a couple of days was horrible, but the vets said it happens all the time as puppies especially toy breeds are always under your feet. I feel better now and not that bad about it and it actually seems like we have a stronger bond now which is weird. Her foot is apparently healing up well and puppies apparently heal very quickly because of the growing stage.

It was really frustrating because we were still having the occasional accident inside, but at least that will be easier once her bandages come off.

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